What do you do when someone you love is addicted to alcohol or drugs?


L1G is a video series and website for teens and others who may need advice or information on how to deal with an addicted loved one. Take a look at the stories to learn more about 10 Ways family members can help an addicted loved one.


This video series was a collaboration between Bloom-Vernon Local schools faculty and students (in Scioto County, Ohio) and The Counseling Center Inc., a non-profit organization offering alcohol and other drug counseling services. It is intended for the community as an informational resource about addiction.

Your source for information on coping with a loved one suffering from addiction



Episode 1 - Returning

A student with an addicted family member shares her story with her classmates.

Episode 2, Part 2 - A Confrontation

After an argument with his mother, a student turns to his guidance counselor for answers.

Episode 4 - If You Need a Friend

Two friends recognize a classmate is trying to deal with an addicted family member and decide to help.

Episode 2, Part 1 - A Confrontation

A student confronts his mother after she refuses to discuss her addiction, resulting in an argument.

Episode 3 - Coming Home

A student comes home to find her mother overdosed on prescription medication and turns to a friend for help.

Episode 5 - 10 Ways

Students explain the 10 ways you can deal with an addicted loved one.

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